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“Up to 85% of a company’s value resides in intangibles (e.g., customer information, software code, databases, business models, brands, homegrown processes and employee expertise).”

— Baruch Lev, New York University

Monetize Intellectual AssetsIn the knowledge economy a large percentage of corporate wealth comprises value represented by intangible corporate intellectual assets.


However, to create value companies need to continually identify and exploit myriad types of corporate intellectual assets. Examples of dormant intellectual assets that can be monetized include: R&D investments not ending up in products and services, abandoned technology, products and other intangible assets acquired in mergers and acquisitions, innovative processes, systems and more.


Value From Know-HowExploiting intellectual assets can provide companies with a low-risk, high-reward way to generate new revenue streams with high-profit margins and nearly cost-free, free cash flow. Effectively monetizing corporate intellectual assets can provide companies with consistent and predictable revenue streams favored by shareholders and investors.


WHIZDOM has the experience and expertise to help Clients protect and unleash the value from dormant corporate intellectual assets so Clients can focus their limited internal resources on their core competencies, running their businesses and serving their customers.


Client Goals

  • Generate new incremental revenue streams from corporate intellectual assets
  • Identify and exploit dormant intellectual assets
  • Improve shareholder satisfaction by improving business results

What WHIZDOM Does Best

  • Monetize corporate intellectual assets
  • Ensure corporate teams identify and protect corporate intellectual assets once they are created
  • Help protect corporate intellectual assets using traditional mechanisms (e.g., patents, copyrights, etc.) and find ways to monetize non-traditional corporate intellectual assets (e.g., know-how, business processes, technology, etc.)
  • Develop standardized processes to help capture the corporate intellectual assets created by employees
  • Structure licensing deals and technology transfer deals; Determine royalty terms, pricing models, etc.



WHIZDOM MindMoney Comprises The Following Five Expertise Areas


Generate new incremental revenue streams from intellectual assets already owned that are currently not performing (e.g., outbound licensing). Optimize licensing terms in agreements.

Identification and Creation

Drive value by continually identifying existing corporate intellectual assets and ensure Clients continually identify newly created corporate intellectual assets. Catalog and prioritize corporate intellectual assets.


Help protect corporate intellectual assets so that they can be licensed or sold to other companies. Ensure in-house corporate intellectual assets are captured. Work with legal to ensure corporate intellectual assets are protected (e.g., patents, trademarks, copyright protection, kept as trade secrets.) Increase awareness of corporate teams on the importance of protecting a Company’s intellectual assets.


Package corporate intellectual assets so that they may be transferred contractually to other companies. Bundle corporate intellectual assets to maximize revenues.


Assess the market value of a company’s intellectual assets portfolio.

Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation