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“WHIZDOM translates the power of technology in ways that enable corporations to create innovative and effective solutions to next-generation business challenges.”

— President, Institute for the Future

company overview

WHIZDOM provides strategic business services to companies seeking to acquire new enterprise accounts, develop strategic partner relationships, launch technology products, enter new markets, monetize corporate intellectual assets, accelerate sales, increase market share, compete effectively and accelerate value creation.


We bring leadership, enthusiasm, passion, real-world experience and wide-ranging expertise to help Clients solve business problems, achieve corporate goals and objectives and overcome business challenges.


WHIZDOM has a successful track record helping Clients improve business results, grow value and accelerate business success.


Our Clients’ success is our highest priority.


our mission

Our mission is to be a best-of-breed boutique provider of innovative business services that help Clients acquire new enterprise accounts, build valuable strategic partner ecosystems, compete effectively, market compelling technology solutions, increase sales, grow market share and accelerate value creation.


fast facts

  • Founded in 1995; Incorporated in 2003
  • Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California
  • Privately-held
  • Woman-owned business



Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation