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The WHIZDOM Experience Solves Business Problems WHIZDOM fuses its unique resources together to provide Clients with The WHIZDOM Experience to help them overcome business challenges, solve business problems, complete initiatives successfully and accelerate value creation.


The WHIZDOM Experience synergistically combines our:

  • Custom project teams from the WHIZDOM Brain Trust
  • Approach driven by the WHIZDOM Hexaintelligence methodology
  • Business know-how and advanced business thinking incorporating knowledge and expertise stretching across industries, corporations, corporate functional areas and geographic regions

custom project teams

The WHIZDOM Brain Trust WHIZDOM creates custom project teams from its extended team of business and technology professionals based on needed expertise and experience for Client projects. Many of the people in the WHIZDOM Brain Trust have worked together before and complement each other’s abilities and strengths and can hit-the-ground running to successfully complete complex projects with tight deadlines.

the whizdom experience helps clients

  • Respond quickly to new competitive threats
  • Leverage cross-functional, interdisciplinary business thinking to drive business success and improve the bottom line
  • Connect disparate ideas across companies, corporate functional areas, geographies and industries
  • Jump-start strategic stakeholder relationships
  • Utilize technology effectively

Characteristics of Our Unique Approach

  • Leadership, enthusiasm, passion
  • Innovative, out-of-the-box, critical thinking
  • External, objective, independent, unbiased perspective
  • Holistic approach to problem solving
  • Business insights and expertise
  • Thought leadership
Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation