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“WHIZDOM’s insights and recommendations into market segmentation identified a new market for our product that opens up an entirely new revenue stream for our Company.”

— CEO, AxcessPoints, Inc.

Stand Out In A Crowded Market Companies bringing technology products and services to market face myriad business challenges including capturing market share, differentiating products in a crowded market, developing and communicating value propositions to corporate customers, enabling sales teams and developing effective sales and marketing tools.


Clients turn to WHIZDOM because we have the experience and expertise to execute market development initiatives to help Clients compete effectively, gain market share and maximize ROI from B2B marketing efforts.

Client Goals

  • Compete successfully
  • Increase market share
  • Increase ROI from marketing efforts
  • Identify and enter new vertical markets, market segments and geographic sales territories

Challenges Faced

  • Competitive threats
  • Unrealized sales opportunities
  • Differentiate products, services and solutions
  • Create awareness, generate demand, communicate value propositions

Our Expertise

  • Review, analyze and develop marketing plans
  • Develop and manage demand generation programs
  • Interview existing and prospective corporate customers to understand their current and future needs
  • Identify and evaluate new horizontal and vertical markets, market gaps and new market opportunities
  • Strategically segment markets, select and rank target accounts
  • Analyze market size, market growth potential, market trends
  • Ideate alternative business models; Develop business plans
  • Conduct competitive landscape mapping and analysis
  • Monitor competitors: their offerings, positioning, marketing practices, assess their strengths and weaknesses, identify new competitors and competitive threats
  • Develop market requirements documents (MRD)
  • Analyze and recommend positioning, messaging, differentiation
  • Develop metrics and milestones for measuring the performance of marketing initiatives
Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation