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“WHIZDOM is great at identifying and evaluating licensees and licensors and has the experience to negotiate and close win-win licensing deals.”

— Senior Vice President of Marketing, Palm, Inc.

Value From Strategic Licensing

WHIZDOM helps Companies license intellectual property to other companies (i.e., outbound licensing) and obtain desired technology and intellectual property from other companies (i.e., inbound licensing).


Companies often use strategic inbound and outbound licensing as a powerful way to drive value, shorten time-to-market and generate new, high-profit, revenue streams.


WHIZDOM has the experience and expertise to help Clients discover best-of-breed licensing partners, develop win-win licensing arrangements with their licensing partners and maximize value from strategic licensing initiatives.

Client Goals

  • Acquire needed technology, products, services, know-how from other companies
  • Shorten time-to-market for products and services
  • Develop compelling, competitive, product and service offerings
  • Identify, evaluate and qualify licensing partners

Challenges Faced

  • Develop criteria for selecting licensees and licensors
  • Have expertise to complete mutually beneficial licensing deals
  • How to optimize licensing terms
  • Find qualified licensing partners

Our Expertise

  • Structure, negotiate and close licensing deals
  • Develop term sheets for inbound and outbound licensing
  • Qualify companies as potential licensing partners
  • Understand the business side of licensing arrangements
  • Shorten time to finalize licensing agreements; Obtain final signatures
  • Develop metrics and milestones for measuring the performance of licensing initiatives
Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation