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Project Leadership

  • Scope out projects
  • Determine project tasks, deliverables, time frames, needed resources
  • Develop budgets, forecast financials, estimate costs
  • Structure, build, organize and manage project teams; Source and lead independent contractors and internal talent
  • Develop business processes to successfully complete projects on time and on-budget
  • Develop proposals, RFPs, RFP responses

Message Development

  • Develop high-level customer messages to create awareness and generate demand for products, services and solutions
  • Develop value propositions
  • Develop differentiation
  • Conduct competitive research

Deal Management

  • Develop term sheets, contracts, deal proposals
  • Develop, review and recommend contract terms and conditions
  • Develop payment models, commission structures, revenue sharing plans
  • Develop, review and recommend deal structures
  • Negotiate and close deals
  • Bring deals to final signatures


  • Technology Audits: Develop comprehensive inventory of technology and capabilities available in-house and from relationships with outside partners, alliances and suppliers
  • Contract Audits: Review financial issues, business models, technology and capabilities involved in contracts with outside partners, alliances and suppliers

Business Writing And Business Research

  • Business research and analysis
  • Copy writing
  • Technical writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Business plans
  • Term sheets
  • Presentations
  • Other business documents
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