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Raising Customer Due Diligence To The Level It Deserves


Conducting due diligence is the most important step in the company acquisition process and Buyers (and their financial backers) turn to experts to manage risk. They rely on legal experts to conduct legal due diligence. And they rely on accountants to produce a Quality of Earnings report and conduct financial due diligence. And Consultants conduct technology due diligence. Everyone involved helps to manage risk.


Who do Buyers turn to interview Customers to drive their customer due diligence? After all, customers are the lifeblood of a company and having an in-depth understanding of them can be extremely important.


They turn to WHIZDOM, Inc.


To learn more WHIZDOM’s Customer Due Diligence services, contact Ivy Millman, CEO at 650-388-8343 or ivy.millman@gmail.com.


Obtaining Interviews — Overcoming This Challenge

It is well known that Sellers may be hesitant to allow others (e.g., entrepreneurs, investors) to contact their Customer relationships. After all, they are very protective of their relationships. And for good reason. However, such contacts are needed to perform adequate Customer Due Diligence. As an independent, objective expert, WHIZDOM solves this obstacle.


Moreover, customer interviews are a time-consuming, but critically-important task. Conducting customer interviews is also a skill and, utilizing its unique approach and proven methodology, WHIZDOM is exceptionally good at navigating the Customer’s company to get to the right people, asking them the right questions and building rapport to get Customers to open up and share valuable first-hand invaluable information.


When the Seller is introduced to Ivy Millman, CEO of WHIZDOM, Inc., they will learn very quickly that having Ivy engage their Customers is beneficial not only to the Buyer but to their Customers as well. As a Stanford MBA, former CPA (Big 4), with 25+ years of experience talking with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies and their business customers, the conversations Ivy has with executives are well-received and mutually beneficial.


The bottom line is that executives enjoy talking with Ivy and comment frequently how much they enjoy the brainstorming she provides and her outside perspective. They appreciate that Ivy is interested in their Company, how the Seller’s product is used by their Company and how they might use the Seller’s product be more successful in the future. The information Ivy obtains can be used to develop growth strategies that can be executed post-acquisition.


WHIZDOM is able to get Sellers to release customers’ names and contacts earlier in the Due Diligence process. The earlier in the process WHIZDOM can start conducting Customer interviews, the more value we provide to Buyers in their decision making and negotiations.


By using WHIZDOM’s Customer Due Diligence services Search Fund Entrepreneurs and their investors — who have the most at stake — get unfiltered, precise and objective information before a target Company is acquired.


Benefits Obtained At The Pre-Acquisition Stage

  • Enable wise investment decisions from high value customer research from an independent, objective, unbiased expert
  • Reduce risk of making unwise purchase decisions
  • Increase the confidence in the offer price and in negotiations
  • Increase the chance a deal will close
  • Verify the stability of revenue streams
  • Obtain feedback on customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention

Benefits Obtained Post-Acquisition

  • Obtain insights on ways to grow revenue and EBITDA
  • Identify undeveloped, unrecognized or untapped business and value creation opportunities
  • Identify desired new features to meet future customer needs based on customer input
  • Obtain customer intelligence to support development of strategic, customer-centric, ways to grow the target Company post-acquisition

Pre-Acquisition Customer WHIZDOM™

WHIZDOM provides:

  • Aggregate customer findings and individual customer findings
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Key insights
  • Post-Acquisition Customer WHIZDOM™

    Beyond the viability of the revenue stream, we provide Clients with valuable evaluations, analyses, insights and recommendations including:

  • Ways to grow revenues and EBITDA
  • Ideation regarding new customer acquisition
  • Opportunities for up-sell or cross-sell
  • Growth opportunities
  • Customer-driven recommendations for future product features to meet future Customer needs
  • Solutions To Accelerate Value Creation